Benefits of our Guts R Us Programs


  • Amazing weight loss results (Usually 10-15% loss)
  • Reshaping of your body
  • Energy levels increase dramatically
  • Mood and sleep improve
  • Sugar & Carb cravings disappear
  • Skin becomes clearer & healthier
  • Improved gut health 
  • Improvement in digestion conditions
  • Balance your hormones 
  • Targets the Adipose fat
  • Better mental clarity


Kelly Williamson


I started my journey at 65kg, with a two bottle of wine a night habit and chronic IBS. I know 65kg doesn't sound bad, but it was for me at 157cm high there was no where to hide it. I responded to Jodi's advert on one of our local Facebook pages and she has been guiding me ever since. I was skeptical at first, having tried many diets for my IBS, yeah I lost weight and felt good but there was no way to sustain it afterwards and there certainly was no friendly Mentor to help along the way.

After Stage 1, I was 3kg down and starting to feel better in my tummy. Yes this did mean stopping drinking but, it was something I needed to do for myself and my family. The mind clarity and energy levels started to increase and my tummy continued to love it! Jodi has been AMAZING and I can honestly say that without her guidance and now friendship I wouldn't be 2kg off my goal. Yep I have had days where I have swayed off track but, it's ok because it is a lifestyle change you just start where you left off. You will NEVER be hungry on these meal plans and if you don't like something you just swap for something else on the approved list. SIMPLE!

I highly recommend giving Jodi with Guts R Us a go whether you have a little or alot to lose, your body-inside and out-will thank you for it.

P.S I am now toning up with exercise and am sitting within 1kg of my goal weight. 




I started this journey in July 2018 at 83 kgs. I’ve just hit the mid 75’s just over 2 months later  I’ve had some celebrations and trips away during this time but keep on keeping on because I know it works.  My gut health has improved immensely and the weight loss is the bonus.

Jodi is a fantastic mentor.  Always there for support by way of message or phone call. Always encouraging and keeping you focused. Could not have achieved what I have without her.

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