The primary reason for the nutritional supplements is to balance your hormones - particularly your insulin levels. Insulin being responsible for fat uptake in the cells, especially your liver cells. Once your hormones are balanced your body can in fact learn to lose weight efficiently and keep it off.  Secondly the nutrition is responsible for cleaning your gut. The vast majority of illnesses today stem from poor gut flora. Our program will clean up your gut, allow your villae responsible for increasing the surface area for absorption of nutrients into your blood stream) to stand up and work to their full potential.   


We use a collection of Modere’s highest quality nutritional products to support our different programs giving your body the daily support it needs through a perfect blend of essential nutrients, whilst uplifting your overall well being every day. 

Modere nutritional support will help to aid in proper digestive function and absorption of nutrients, whilst giving the effective nutrition your body craves. 

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Feel Good - Look Good



Exclusive to Modere, Liquid BioCell® is the next generation of naturally derived, type-II collagen. Each product in the range – PURE, LIFE, SKIN, PET– is created using our proprietary Collagen/HA Matrix™ Technology and is transforming the way we feel about ageing.   

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Our skin care line consists of safer, powerful products created to keep you looking as good on the outside as you feel on the inside.  



Maintain a clean, bright smile.

Our safer, effective dental products clean and refresh you, so you can flash that smile a little more often.

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Get your hair shiny, silky, and soft.

Infused with quality ingredients and the latest technologies, our invigorating product line is sure to get you the hair you’ve always desired.



Protection from the Sun

Our Sun Care is especially designed to protect skin from the effects of the sun’s harmful rays in the very harsh Australian climate.

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Illuminate, revitalise, and enhance

Rejuvenate and renew the appearance of your skin while controlling oil and shine through the day with our safer, naturally-infused products.

Modere Products

Balance Drops


  • Formulated to help you control your sugar intake
  • Formulated to help reduce irregular snacking on sugar-rich foods and refined carbohydrates throughout the day
  • Provides nutritional support with zinc, chromium and vitamin D3

A busy life, irregular snacking and inconsistent eating times can interfere with your dietary goals and leave you feeling irritable and stressed.

Modere Balance Drops is intended to help you take control of your eating patterns so that you can control your sugar cravings and achieve a better dietary balance. 

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Digestive Enzymes


  • Six Enzymes + Ginger + Fennel = healthier digestion, less bloating, wind, heartburn and reflux. Now that's flattering!
  • Enzymes in our digestive system spark the biochemical reactions that transform the food we eat into substances that nourish human life.
  • Problem is, our body's digestive enzyme production decreases with age, the food we eat in our modern world can be far less nutrient-rich than days gone by and our food preparation with a fast-paced lifestyle can deplete nutrients further.
  • Digestive Enzymes supplement your body's own enzymes to help you digest food and get the maximum benefit from it, with six different enzymes to target, and break down fats, proteins, carbs and fibre.
  • Ginger and fennel are traditional herbal medicines used as antispasmodics to help settle down minor tummy upsets

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  •  Every dual sachet is packed with 30 billion CFU of two of the most researched bacteria: Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium lactis for a balanced microbiome (the eco system of your gut).
  • Containing prebiotics which ‘feed’ the probiotics to boost the overall effectiveness of the probiotic bacteria.
  • Adding a probiotic to your diet is all about creating balance and an environment where good bacteria can flourish. And who doesn’t want perfect balance right?!
  • Works naturally with your body to help support normal digestion and general wellbeing, so you can smash life every day.

Got a gut instinct for better health? Modere Probiotic contains two bacteria strains that work together with the prebiotic fibres to maintain an optimal microenvironment in your gut. It was developed in this way because adding a probiotic to your diet isn't just about digestion, it's about balance, and creating an environment where the good bacteria can flourish.

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Mineral Essentials


  •  Contains a rich blend of more than 30 vitamins and minerals – including vitamins B2, B3 and B6, iron, zinc, iodine, molybdenum, chromium and selenium – all needed by the body.
  • Convenient and easy to use liquid formula that combines essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.
  • We all know we should be eating a proper, balanced and nutritionally sound diet – this is for those times when for whatever reason we somehow don’t.

Modern life can be busy. That’s why Modere Mineral Solutions brings together essential minerals and vitamins in every 15 mL serving. As a daily supplement, it helps provide a broad range of vitamins and minerals that may be missing from modern diets. 

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  •  Supports active bodies by combining the natural nutritional enhancing benefits of bovine colostrum with the energy giving properties of the native Peruvian herb Maca - used for centuries to enhance strength and endurance.
  • Delivers a rich combination of milk proteins and immunoglobulins
  • Ideal for active individuals and athletes. Positively affects the body's ability to maintain all kinds of physical activity throughout the day.

Staying active is essential to a long, healthy life – but so is keeping your body properly nourished in order to handle the demands of an active lifestyle. Colostrum is nature's answer for active people looking to enhance their diet.

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Digestive Enzymes

Your best friend to help reduce bloating.

Aloe Vera

Great for inflammation of the gut.

Green Qi

Super Greens

Natural Mineral Drink

Get your daily dose of minerals


Get things moving.


Pre and Probiotics are great for your gut health.


Great alternative to Burn for energy. 

Why we use Modere


Please seek medical advice if you have any medical conditions, are taking medications as well as any over the counter/supermarket herbal supplements before beginning the program.  Always consult with your healthcare professional prior to starting any weight loss, gut health program for approval.